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TOTAL PHILIPPINES DMC Sustainability Policy

As a pioneer in the Philippines tourism industry, we understand our unspoken obligation towards committing to sustainable growth and development within the country’s tourism system. Being responsible in travel to us is part and parcel of our life as we strive to ensure that whatever initiatives we take would be of benefit to the local community without disrupting their culture, economy or respect. All itineraries designed by us are built to make sustainable travel easier for our travellers by ensuring that every dollar spent with us would be used to benefit the local people, leave a minimal carbon footprint and also to ensure that it would not cause any harm to the environment or lifestyle of the people.

Our sustainability policies are detailed below:

Using energy sparingly

  • We do our contribution to preserve the environment we visit by ensuring the minimal impact made through our operations. We achieve this mainly by limiting the amount of wasted energy, water and waste in our offices, on our trips and in the destinations which we visit.
  • Energy conservation practices we strive to ensure that electricity isn’t unnecessarily wasted even after office hours by limiting it to only the really important components. All lighting equipment used are LED based bulbs in order to reduce the energy consumption in our offices.

Elevating the environment quality

  • Tourism consumes high energy be it water, food, usage of sensitive places or the environment and more tourists lead to more impact on the environment, good and bad. We mitigate the negative impacts through sustainability which respects the nature, culture, society and ecosystem massively.
  • Priorities given to suppliers promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
  • Managing Waste by recycling papers, cardboard and other similar products, leftover food is separated and disposed in the best possible way, use of polythene and plastic bags are reduced to the minimum levels.
  • Ensuring better water conservation practices are upheld across our offices.
  • We advocate staff members to use glass or reusable plastic water bottles for internal use
  • Continuously raise awareness among the staff and improve sustainable purchasing practices by using the least possible amount of non-renewable resources .

The environmental impact in our trips is maintained at a consistent level through the use of the following practices

  • Encouraging our travellers to eat at local restaurants to reduce food miles.
  • Use of private, locally owned transport vehicles or local transport mediums where its safe, feasible   and reliable.
  • Maintaining our fleet of vehicles to make sure that they are fuel-efficient and maintained according to manufacturer standards.

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